Hi! I’m Tomas, a mid-sized tomato with awesome-sized taste! You can find me in the Growums Taco Garden and Ratatouille Garden. Even though I like the heat of full sun (I need at least 6 hours a day), being a tomato is cool. I’m full of powerful vitamins, and I get to be in awesome … Read more

The Great Zucchini

Nothing up my sleeve…be prepared to be amazed! With a wave of my wand I shall pull vitamin C, vitamin A and potassium out of my hat! Of course, a great zucchini cannot reveal his secrets. I mastered my tastefully nutritious skills via my Mexican zucchini ancestors, who brought great vitamins and minerals to the … Read more

Sugarsnap & Sweet Pea

Hi! We’re Sugar Snap & Sweet Pea – delicious vegetables that are fun to grow, pick and eat! Our peapods have a sweet crunch and make a tasty stir-fry. (That’s why you can find us in the Growums Stir-Fry Garden.) We also make a quick, yummy snack right off the vine. ­Peas­ enjoy our healthy … Read more


Hi, I’m Ruby – an easy-to-grow, tiny vegetable with a lot of big crunch! I’m a zippy little thing. If you plant me by seed, I’ll start peeking out of the soil in 2-3 days, and you can harvest me in about a month! Wheee! I’m really fun to pull out of the ground, too … Read more

Princess Strawberry

Hello! It’s so berry nice to meet you! I am Princess Strawberry, a royally juicy fruit filled with vitamin C! Did you know that the best strawberries you’ll ever taste will come straight from a garden – not the royal supermarket? That’s because homegrown strawberries are allowed to fully ripen on the plant, so our … Read more


Hello, I’m Melonie – a very sweet and refreshing watermelon and nutritious snack! You’ve probably seen really big watermelons at the supermarket. I’m not as large as those – goodness, no! Normally a watermelon doesn’t like to share her weight with anyone. But I like you, so I’ll confess: I’m only about 8-10 pounds! That’s … Read more

Jaune Pear

“Bonjour! (Hello!) I am Jaune Pear. Don’t let my apPEARance fool you: I may look like I belong in a fruit salad, but I am really a yellow tomato! I am a small tomato that’s only about 2 inches long, but you cannot miss me because I am so bright and cheerful! My curvy shape … Read more

Hal E. Peño

Hola, amigos! I am Hal E. Peño, a jalapeño pepper that can add some heat to your tacos, salsa and nachos (among other foods)! I spice up the Growums Taco Garden with a tasteful zing and can turn any boring meal into a zesty fiesta! If you want to heat things up, plant a pot … Read more


Hi, I’m Eggbert. Some folks aren’t sure what to make of a funny-looking vegetable like me, but once they get to know me, things get cooking! I may be cute, purple and shiny on the outside, but that’s just my secret identity. Inside I’m really white and spongy, and you’d be surprised at all the … Read more


Hi! I’m Coco! They call me that because I’m a chocolate tomato. (No, not “chocolate” like the candy – but I’m still sweet and yummy!) I may not be as red as my friend Bonni, but I’m just as delicious and good for you! Cherry tomatoes are fun to pick, eat and juggle. (But if … Read more

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Customer Reviews
April 28, 2016
Graciela Cruz

I have such a black thumb. Finally with my growum kit we’ve been able to grow herbs. My 5 year old enjoys watching the instructional videos. We love growum!

April 23, 2016
Kristen Lee Douglas

My son is so excited about his garden. Easy to use and sprouts quickly.

March 20, 2016
Synthia Solivan

Easy to use & child friendly. Can’t wait to eat the salad we’re going to grow in our own backyard! We absolutely love the Growums and highly suggested them to anyone. They would even be great for adults living in a city without access to a large garden.