Get the 4 Garden Kits in a single package for 10% Off + Free Shipping!

The All-In-One

Growums Garden Kit

This All-In-One Garden Kit combines the Taco Garden, Pizza Garden, Herb Garden, and Salad Garden Kits in a single package.

This also includes video and written instructions for each kit that are emailed to you over time, helping you learn how and when to do things with your garden.


Starter Pellets

that the seeds start their life

Seedling Watering Tray
Plant Labels

from Growums

60-day Garden Curriculum
3D Educational Videos

featuring Growums

Printable Milestone Letters

from Growums to Children

How Growums Works

From Seeds To Harvest

Our Growums will guide you through emails and videos over the course of 3 months, educating young green thumbs every step of the way!

You can learn with Growums through letters and videos sent directly to you!

Growums Mission

Our mission is to inspire kids to love gardening. We believe that gardening is a great way for kids to learn about nature, responsibility, and the importance of healthy eating. We also believe that gardening can be a lot of fun!

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