Day 31
It’s time to give your plants some support
  • Types of vegetable plant supports: There are many different types of vegetable plant supports available, including stakes, cages, trellises, and netting. The type of support you choose will depend on the type of vegetable you are growing, the size of the plant, and your personal preference.
  • When to use vegetable plant supports: Vegetable plant supports are typically used for plants that are tall, vine-like, or heavy-bearing. Some common vegetables that benefit from support include tomatoes, cucumbers, peas, beans, and melons.
  • How to use vegetable plant supports: Vegetable plant supports should be installed before the plants start to grow tall. The support should be tall enough to support the mature plant, and it should be sturdy enough to withstand the wind and rain.
  • Benefits of using vegetable plant supports: There are many benefits to using vegetable plant supports, including:
    • Improved airflow: Vegetable plant supports help to improve airflow around the plants, which can help to prevent pests and diseases.
    • Increased yields: Vegetable plant supports can help to increase yields by providing the plants with the support they need to grow tall and strong.
    • Easier harvesting: Vegetable plant supports make it easier to harvest the crops, as the fruits and vegetables are all in one place.
    • Improved appearance: Vegetable plant supports can help to improve the appearance of your vegetable garden by keeping the plants tidy and organized.

Here are some additional tips for using vegetable plant supports:

  • Tie the plants loosely to the support. You don’t want to tie the plants too tightly, as this can damage the stems.
  • Check the supports regularly and make sure they are still sturdy. Strong winds or heavy rains can damage supports, so it’s important to check them regularly.
  • Remove the supports when the plants are finished producing. Once the plants have finished producing, you can remove the supports. This will help the plants to die back naturally.

Thanks again for reading! Information about watering, plant support, and more is coming up soon so keep an eye out for emails from Growums, and if you need more information, check out our full curriculum.

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Customer Reviews
April 28, 2016
Graciela Cruz

I have such a black thumb. Finally with my growum kit we’ve been able to grow herbs. My 5 year old enjoys watching the instructional videos. We love growum!

April 23, 2016
Kristen Lee Douglas

My son is so excited about his garden. Easy to use and sprouts quickly.

March 20, 2016
Synthia Solivan

Easy to use & child friendly. Can’t wait to eat the salad we’re going to grow in our own backyard! We absolutely love the Growums and highly suggested them to anyone. They would even be great for adults living in a city without access to a large garden.