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Add a Little Character To Your Garden
Add a Little Character To Your Garden

Bok Choy

Bok Choy

Black Belt in Crunchiness

Hiya! I am Bok Choy – a crisp, cool vegetable with green leaves and a white stem. I bring awesome kick and crunch to stir-fry dishes.

In fact, you can find me practicing my crunchiness every day in the Growums Stir-Fry Garden. Come grow with me, and I will help you earn a black belt in eating right and fighting bad eating habits!

  • Hometown: Originally from central and southern Europe (My ancestors were enjoyed by Greeks and Romans, and then were adopted by the Chinese.)
  • Powerful Secret: I am the best before I start making flowers. (Eating bok choy after it blooms might change the way it tastes.)
  • Part-Time Job: Working as a body guard for Ice Berg
  • Hobbies: Using calcium and fiber to help keep bodies strong, attacking unwanted germs with my powerful dose of vitamins and antioxidants (Pow!)

Find Bok Choy in the delicious Stirfry Garden

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